The “Build A Website With David” Playlist

Playlist Groups:

00-099 Orientation and Philosophies

100-199 The Basics

200-299 Building Multiple Websites

300-399 Building a Single Website

500-549 Building Internal Pages

550-599 Editing Web Pages

600-649 Website Maintenance & Repair

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What the Playlist is About

This “Build A Website With David” playlist is different from the other Playlists on the David’s Tutorials YouTube Channel.

In this playlist, I will present (Eventually) a programmed course of instruction and demonstration of how I build a website, from start to finish.

Just to keep things from getting overly complex, I will TALK about many other types of websites – and other options – available when building a website, but I will only build a simple  website, meaning a NON-SHOPPING site, and one that does not require any interaction with a database. I will use examples from a small business website, from a blog website, from a “Brochure” type website, from a blog type website, , and from a Magazine type website. 

If you are looking to build any of these types of websites, then you can probably use ALL the videos in this playlist.

How The Playlist is Organized

Because I plan to make a large but indefinite number of videos in this playlist, and because I want them to be well-organized both during the production and after it’s all done, I need to right up front impose some sort of ORGANIZATION and Categorization on these videos. So here’s how I’m currently planning to organize the videos.

First, I want each video to have a SEQUENCE NUMBER, such that any new viewer can either watch an entire category in sequence, or watch the entire series in sequence, or easily pick out related videos. Because I don’t yet know how many videos there will be in total or even in each category, I will assign sequencing numbers with gaps, to allow for new videos to be inserted wherever they need to go.

Currently, the Sequenci9ng Plan is as follows.

Items In Blue on this playlist are videos that have been completed and posted.


The PLAYLIST (Planned)

000-099 – Orientation and Philosophies

Videos in this sequence are intended to provide an orientation to this entire playlist, to give you an idea of how I came to my current state of expertise, and to share with you some of my guidelines and philosophies about building websites.

001 – Introduction

002 – History

100-199 – The Basics

Videos in this sequence address all the “Getting Started” things new website builders need to know so they can get up and running quickly. In these videos, I will also share where I have stubbed my toes in the past, and what I have found to work better than the other alternatives I have tried.

The videos planned (so far) in this sequence include:

100 – Introduction to the Basics

110 – My Web Building History – Why WordPress

120 – Power Tools – Pagebuilders – Why Divi

130 – Getting a Domain Name – About Registrars

140 – Getting a Web Host – About Hosting Providers

150- Setting Up the Website

          • The DNS Address of your Host
          • Setting the DNS at your Domain Registrar
          • Installing WordPress
          • Installing A Theme

160 Performing Regular Maintenance Updates

162 Recovering a Page – from corruption or loss

167 How to Clean Up the WP Media Library

200-299 – Building Multiple Websites

Videos in this sequence address the needs of and advice for people who will be building multiple websites, not just one.

Videos in this sequence are planned (so far) to be:

200 – Orientation to Building Multiple Websites

210 – Why You Might Want to Build Multiple Websites

220 – Various Ways to set up Multiple Sites with your Web Host; Why I use a Reseller Plan

300-399 – Building a Single Website

Videos in this sequence will include most of the steps you need to build a simple site set up. Videos planned (so far) for this sequence include:

305 – Setting up ADMIN Account(s) on your Site

310 – Setting up Email(s) for your site; Accessing site emails through WebMail

315 – Accessing Site Emails from an email client

320 – Building Your Site Structure and Purpose – NOT on the Site (On Paper)

        • Purpose and Mission of the site (Important!)
        • Determine whether home page is a page or a blog
        • Determine which other pages should be on the site and where they will go in the menu structure; this includes some “standard” suggestions for pages in a typical website
        • Begin gathering content (text and images)

325 – What To Do First (after installing the Theme)

        • Create a Child Theme – and Why
        • Create a Backup Routiine – and Why
        • Install Other Plugins – Suggestions

330 – Where To Get Images For your Website

        • Buy them
        • Create them
        • Hire them
        • Harvest Them

335 – Initial Site Setup

        • First, Build your Home Page. See video #___ for details
        • Build all other pages as blanks
        • Create your Menu System

340 -The Basic STRUCTURE of a Web Page

        • Header
        • Body
        • Footer
        • Templates

345 – Building a Home Page (Static)

350 – Building a Home Page (Blog)

400-449 – Building the Internal Pages

All pages except the Home Page are called INTERNAL Pages. In this sequence, I will show you the thoughts behind a number of different types of internal pages, and how to build each one.

The types of internal pages planned (so far) to be in this sequence include:

405 – The ABOUT US page

510 – The Products and/or Services Page

415 – The FAQ Page

420 –  The CONTACT US Page (simple)

425 -The CONTACT US Page (advanced)

530 – A Miscellaneous Internal Page (Clone Existing Page


550-599 – Editing Web Pages

The videos in this sequence will be short videos describing how to EDIT Existing Web Pages, or how to make specific changes such as vor dedicated plugins.

555 – Editing Text on a Web Page

557 – Adding INTERNAL LINKS to a Page

560 – Adding an EVENT to the Events Calendar by Pee-Aye Creative

561 – Linking a BUTTON to a PDF (Or updating the link)

562 – Adding a PDF to a NEW Button

570 – Mastering the WordPress Media Library

600-649 – Website Maintenance and Repair

The videos in this sequence will show you how to perform essential Website Maintenance and Repair tasks.

602 – Regular Necessary Maintenance

620 – Fixing a Crashed WordPress Website

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