ABOUT David’s Tutorials


All my life, I have loved teaching, sharing the things I have learned with other people. Another pervasive characteristic I have is that I have always loved figuring out how to do things better, easier, how to save time or work.

Considering these two loves in my life, it was only natural for me to put them together on a YouTube channel, to combine my love of teaching with my love of figuring out good or better ways to do things.  The result is the David’s Tutorials YouTube channel, and this companion website.


Okay, so you may be wondering who is this David character? What gives him the right to tell ME how to do things?
First, as I have replied to several commenters to my videos, who were joking or smarting off about my age, “We geezers have spent a LOT of years making mistakes, and hopefully learning from them. Some of us have also spent some brainpower trying to figure out better ways to do what we do. I’m happy to share, and very glad to have YouTube to share with a much larger group of people. Some will learn, some won’t. The way of the world.”  Here’s a shout-out and a THANKS to all the commenters who have said something about respecting experience and the wisdom of age. I’ve been there – to a lot of places, and I’ve probably already made a lot more mistakes than you have. You can either learn from what I tell you, or you can make your own mistakes. Your choice.


Here’s a quick summary: I have a Master’s degree in Music, a Master of Arts in Education, a Master’s Degree in Accounting and Information systems, and an FAA Commercial Pilot’s license, single and multi-engine land with instrument rating.


I spent 20 years in the Air Force. Eight of these years were as a pilot, mostly for air-to-air refueling tankers. For other years, I was an instructor at the USAF’s Academic Instructor School, where we taught subject matter experts how to be teachers of their expertise. I then became Chief of Computers at the Extension Course Institute, which was listed in the Guiness Book of World Records as the World’s Largest School, then moved on to be chief of computers at the Community College of the Air Force. From there, I went to finish out my AF career as the commander of the Training Flight of one of the Air Force’s five technical training centers.
I have also been a high-school level band director for four years, and I was the brass instructor for a drum and bugle corps, which placed 26th in the DCI championships in their first year of competition, out of 86 competitors, the year I worked with them.
Over the last couple of decades, I have been a professional Database Applications Developer, a Web Designer, and the conductor of a Community Band, while playing French Horn and other brass instruments with a number of local groups.




I began having fun making videos in about 2009, with “Uncle Daniel Scares Katherine.” I had so much fun with that one, I began to slowly but inexorably learn more and more about how to make videos and post them on YouTube.

When the leaf-raking video unexpectedly went viral, I decided it was time to do lots more tutorials, and now we have an increasing number of videos on the David’s Tutorials YouTube channel.

Some of these tutorials will apply to you, some probably won’t. That’s okay. Feel free to pick and choose which ones you watch, and please help us spread the word by sharing the ones you find helpful. Also, if you have a specific request for another kind of tutorial, please let us know on our CONTACT US page. I can’t promise we will be able to make whatever tutorial you want, but we will certainly read and consider your request.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for spending some of your precious time allowing me to help and teach you.

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