HOME How-To's

Over many years of home ownership and all that goes with it, I’ve made my share of mistakes, and hopefully, learned from the experience along the way. In this category of videos, I pass along some of the things I’ve learned that have made MY life easier. Hopefully, they can help you, too.


One of the things I’ve discovered I truly enjoy doing is figuring out new recipes and new techniques for making ordinary foods truly delicious. In this category of videos, I share with you not only some of the techniques I’ve developed, but also some great recipes!

MICROSOFTware Skills

The Microsoft company may be the company that most people love to hate, but they dominate the desktop office software market, and their software has become the de facto standard for word processing and spreadsheets. In this section, I share some tips on how to use it.

Computer Skills

II bought my first computer when a cassette tape deck was “mass storage.” Since then I have witnessed the explosion of computers into every aspect of our lives. I continue to learn new things every day. In this category of videos, I share with you some of the fun things I’ve learned on using these essential machines.

FINALE Music Engraving

Having written music since my elementary school days, I’ve been immersed in writing and arranging music for what seems like forever. I have used Finale since 1995, and have picked up quite a few tips and tricks over the years since then. In this category of tutorials, I share some of these with you.

Miscellaneous Tutorials

Of course, I have many additional tutorials that simply won’t fit into any of the above categories. These would include tutorials on such subjects as YouTube techniques, binding shorter books, using special Google tricks, calibrating your speedometer, video recording of performances, and much more.


Some of the content I am considering creating in future tutorial videos includes such topics as those in the following list. Please see my About Us page to see my background and why I am qualified to make these tutorials. Please use the Contact Us page to ask questions about these topics or make suggestions for additional topics. Here’s the list of what we are looking at in the future:

  • HOW TO TEACH. This is something EVERYONE needs to know how to do, but 99% DO NOT KNOW. This includes almost all classroom teachers.
  • HOW TO CREATE TUTORIAL VIDEOS. There have been several requests from commenters on my videos that they would like to know how I create these tutorials. Honestly, I’m still developing my technique, but it gets better with every video, and I’m thinking of how best to teach what I do.
  • MORE FINALE TUTORIALS. Finale is a music engraving and notation program I have been using for more than 20 years. It is immensely complex and I have found a number of ways to make the workflow much smoother. I will be adding to the current PLAYLIST of Finale tutorials.
  • MORE LIFE SKILLS TUTORIALS. One of the biggest failings of our current educational system is its lack of teaching today’s students to do the PRACTICAL things needed in everyday life. I would like to put together a series of tutorials on all the things today’s students need to learn to be a competent, functioning member of society. Suggestions for this playlist are welcome. Please use our Contact Us page to let me know what Life Skills tutorials you would like to see.
  • MORE COMPUTER and APPLICATION TUTORIALS. Computers are now an integral part of every day life. Using programs such as a word processor or a spreadsheet is something almost everyone needs to learn how to do. I plan to post new tutorials on all this, pretty much in the “as I can get to it” mode of operation.

This world of having me as a septuagenarian, and others as I can recruit them, share what we have learned in life, so we can help make life easier for other people, is LIMITLESS! It is exciting to think that we can reach out to so many people now, through the world of the Internet and sites like YouTube.

I hope you will make this journey with us, and will help us by watching our videos and by sharing those videos, commenting on them, subscribing to our channel, and making suggestions here on this web site for ways we can be even more helpful to you in the future.

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