CONTACT David’s Tutorials

Unless you are trying to sell me something, I probably would love to hear from you.


If you have a request for a new tutorial, or a comment on an existing one, this is the place (on in a YouTube comment) you can tell us about it. If you need to send me a private message, this is the best place to do that.

However, if your comment is appropriate to be shared with the whole community of David’s Tutorial viewers, it might be more appropriate to share it as a comment on the YouTube page, so everyone can read it, and give you feedback on your comment. To do this simply click on any video on this site, and as soon as the video begins to play, click on the YouTube icon in the lower right corner of the video. This will open the YouTube site in a separate tab or window, then you can go to the comments section to leave your comment.

WHAT I WON’T TOLERATE: I strongly believe in freedom of speech, that everyone has a right to express their own thoughts and feelings and tell others whatever is on their mind. However, with this freedom of speech comes an obligation of respect for others’ rights as well. On my website, and on my channel, you DO NOT have the right to use language that will blatantly offend others. Your rights end where another person’s rights begin. That said, please share your thoughts with us.

If you’ve read the comments on my channel, you know I don’t delete comments that disagree with me, or those that are mean or snarky. I only delete comments that use vile language or suggest things I consider not family friendly. There have been very few of those. Less than a dozen in about 6,000 comments, as I write this.

Send Us Your Thoughts and Questions

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