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Back in the Groove

Back In The Groove Aaaarrrrhhhhh! So many videos to make, so little time! At least now, in the middle of January 2019, I'm back on track with making at least one video a week. Over the last five days, I have posted THREE new videos, including one I've been working on...

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Back On Track! What’s up Next?

Well, despite being out of town for nearly half of December, I managed to get back on track with videos by posting FIVE videos in December! The final video of December was a short 1:47 video sharing a fun new term I learned -- "Romjul." That video is here:...

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Tuts In The Queue!

Here it is Thanksgiving Day, 2018, and so far, I haven't posted a single video in November. It's not that I don't have the material; I do. I have maybe eight videos already planned, written, and ready to go. Some of them even have the big part of the video recording...

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A “Down Month” for David’s Tutorials

I'm not sure what the issue is, but after more than seven months of posting a new video every week, my motivation to keep posting seems to have fallen off a bit. I did manage to post three new videos in October, but so far in November, I have yet to post a single...

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Upcoming Video Trilogy – Your MOST IMPORTANT DECISIONS

I have now completed the script for the first of a new trilogy of Tutorial videos I'm truly excited about: THE THREE MOST IMPORTANT DECISIONS YOU WILL EVER MAKE I'm not going to give away the store here, meaning I'm not going to reveal these decisions in this post....

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Do We Have TOO MANY Focus Areas?

One of the primary guiding rules for writing anything, and this includes writing (scripts for) and producing YouTube tutorials, is "Write About What You Know." Unfortunately, in my as-of-now more than seven decades on this earth, I have come to know quite a lot. You...

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