Back In The Groove

Aaaarrrrhhhhh! So many videos to make, so little time!

At least now, in the middle of January 2019, I’m back on track with making at least one video a week.

Over the last five days, I have posted THREE new videos, including one I’ve been working on for more than a year (Savory Buttered Pecans!), and I have one more video “in the can” and ready to post, probably tomorrow.

This latest video is a very short one (less than 3 minutes) on a video editing technique using the Techsmith Camtasia video editor. Over the years I’ve been editing videos (more than nine years now), I’ve developed quite a body of knowledge in this area, and I’m contemplating putting up a playlist, which is actually a new “Focus Area” for David’s Tutorials, teaching some of the things I’ve learned about video editing.

Whether I do this or not will probably depend on the reception tomorrow’s posted video gets, and whether I get some substantial feedback from viewers as to whether I should post more tutorials on video editing techniques.

There are probably DOZENS of these I could create and post, and that would be in a totally new area from most other tutorials I’ve posted here.

As I said – so many videos to do, so little time.

So what do you think? Should I include Video Editing Techniques as a new focus area here on David’s Tutorials? Or should I just stick with what I’m already doing?

The future will tell.

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