One of the primary guiding rules for writing anything, and this includes writing (scripts for) and producing YouTube tutorials, is “Write About What You Know.”

Unfortunately, in my as-of-now more than seven decades on this earth, I have come to know quite a lot.

You can get an overview of what I have done and been throughout my life on the ABOUT DAVID’S TUTORIALS page of this site, but if you’ve spent any time at all on our YouTube channel, you have probably already concluded that I have considerable expertise in

  • MUSIC, to include teaching it, conducting it, writing it, arranging it, engraving it, and publishing it
  • EDUCATION, to include Instructional Systems Development, Pedagogical Theory and Application, Communications Skills, Tests and Measurements Development and Analysis, and Practical Classroom Skills
  • COMPUTERS, mostly in the software development arena, but also including specific skills in database applications development, Microsoft Office products, especially Word and Access, Website Design, which includes considerable skills in HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, MySQL, WordPress, and many associated packages
  • VIDEOGRAPHY, developed for posting videos on YouTube
  • FOOD AND COOKING. Face it. Like most people, I love to eat. And my mind being what it is, I’m always looking for ways to make food ever better, whether it’s a different food, or a different way of preparing it, or using interesting ingredients, I will check out dozens of ways of doing something before I pass on these tips to you.
  • HOME AND YARD MAINTENANCE. Most of us need to do things where we live to keep them up. Over the years, I have picked up quite a few tips, tricks, and techniques to make these chores easier.\
  • LIFE SKILLS. No one gets to my age without learning a few things about life. I’m happy to share, and let you decide if these things apply to you.
  • HEALTH. You probably won’t see many videos on Health on the David’s Tutorials website, even though I think I am more advanced in many areas than your own doctor. Why? Because I am about 60% convinced to launch another YouTube channel, “David’s Health Updates.” This topic is so important, I think it needs its own channel. Please comment below and let me know what you think of this.

These are only SOME of the areas where I feel I have learned enough about the topic to teach at least some of it to you.

Is this TOO MANY TOPICS? Do you think this channel would be more effective if I narrowed the focus and only made videos on one or two of these topics? Let me know down in the comments section below.

See you in the next video!

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